Coaching is the single most rewarding professional engagement I have experienced. Having experienced its value from both sides of the equation—as both client and coach—I am a firm believer in the transformational power of coaching.

More than anything else, coaching is about perspective. Renee Fleming, the world renowned soprano, refers to her coach as her “outside ears.” One of my clients says that coaching is “windows and mirrors.” Whether it is a new way of hearing or seeing, coaching expands the range of choices and possibilities.

Sometimes the coach prods or pushes, but always as an ally. Someone has observed, “The coach doesn’t tell you what to do…but suggests what you want to do yourself.”

Even elite athletes have coaches. Renee Fleming has a coach. Anyone can benefit from having a knowledgeable, committed ally.


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“ If you believe becoming an effective leader involves ongoing reflection and growth, then working with an coach is well worth the investment.If you are seeking a coach who effectively provides “windows and mirrors” to stimulate this growth, then Fran Scoble is the ideal candidate. Warm, insightful, and wise, Fran has offered me and the members of our administrative leadership team a valued and important partner as we forge our individual and collective leadership identities.”


David Monaco
Head of School
Parish Episcopal School Dallas, TX



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