“Fran is exquisitely attuned not just to the dynamics of schools — in and out of the classroom — but to the nuances of human relationships. She has the uncanny gift of telling the truth in a way that lifts people up and fills them with optimism and resolve.”

James Astman, Head of School
Oakwood School, CA

“If you believe becoming an effective leader involves ongoing reflection and growth, then working with an coach is well worth the investment. If you are seeking a coach who effectively provides “windows and mirrors” to stimulate this growth, then Fran Scoble is the ideal candidate. Warm, insightful, and wise, Fran has offered me and the members of our administrative leadership team a valued and important partner as we forge our individual and collective leadership identities.”

David Monaco, Head of School
Parish Episcopal School, Dallas, TX

“What was most impressive about Fran's work with Walden's Board of Trustees and, frankly, our entire community, is that she had the clear and demonstrated ability to guide us in aspirational planning. With the mission never out of our sight due to her early foundational work, Fran provoked us to think beyond our assumptions and move toward a school plan in which we could dream. We are all improved because of Fran's guidance over the past year yet the Walden students are the true beneficiaries.”

Matt Allio, Head of School
Walden School, Pasadena, CA

“Working with Fran gave me three important compass points in navigating my Headship: first, a confidential place to try out ideas, think out loud and change my mind, get feedback; second, a seasoned head of school perspective; third, the ability to preview, practice, and problem solve. Fran's humor, humility, and compassion helped me to grow into my own and to mitigate the inevitable isolation that Headship brings with it.”

Travis Brownley, Head of School
Marin Academy, San Rafael, CA



“Fran helps people see themselves as wiser, stronger, the more capable through their interaction with her. She is a blessing in this world.”

David Mallery
David Mallery Seminars













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