This website will introduce you to the services we offer to schools and other non-profits. I bring over thirty years of administrative experience in independent schools, including eighteen years as head of Westridge School to my consulting and coaching practice.

Leadership Coaching is at the heart of my practice. During my training as a Leadership Coach, I came to appreciate the capacity of one-to-one coaching to encourage growth and greater self-awareness. I have seen the positive impact of coaching through my practice and believe it is a powerful tool for leadership development.

Team building is an extension of the coaching practice. The same principles that guide one-to-one coaching extend seamlessly to group work and team development. Coaching facilitates and accelerates team development by raising awareness of what it means to perform harmoniously as a contributing member of an ensemble.

Board Development is especially critical in challenging times. Busy volunteers often have little time for reflection on the culture of the board itself. Every board governs more effectively with solid awareness of best practices and a high level of satisfaction among trustees that they are valued, contributing members of the board.

Strategic Planning brings all of these services together to reaffirm the organization’s core values, set aspirational goals and ensure sustainability into the future. A strategic planning process at its best brings out the best in every member of the organization and strengthens the sense of shared values and shared purpose.

You are welcome to explore our services through client testimonials, descriptions of our services and our philosophy.

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“ Fran Scoble is an outstanding coach. She has extremely high credibility, having herself been a very successful manager of complex organizations.

Fran has a very gentle, but rigorous way of handling the coaching assignment. She is clever enough to realize that simply telling people “how to do it,” is not a particularly effective approach to management coaching. Rather, she uses the coaching experience as a way of promoting insight and self-assessment.

The benefits of having Fran as a management coach are incalculable!”

Dick Seligman
Associate V.P.
Research Administration
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA

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